Acting Chief Information Security Officer Course – Level I

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Welcome to the Deputy CISO Instructor Course

Welcome, Trainers, to the Deputy CISO Onboarding program for Instrucots

As we commence this journey together, remember that you are not just trainers; you are the architects of a secure digital future for numerous small organizations. Your teachings will enable IT and tech leaders to step confidently into their roles as a part time CISO, as nobody else can handle with incidents.

You’ll be equipping your trainees with the skills to recognize and mitigate network vulnerabilities, laying the groundwork for effective defense against spoofing attacks. 

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often rely on out-of-the-box IT configurations, which can include standard cloud security measures, absence of multi-factor authentication for access management, and lack of proper administrative segregation. Additionally, they tend to grant users complete administrative privileges on their workstations, and for many, incident response planning is not practiced but rather a theoretical concept.

Your role will be to deliver every week an actionable knowledge that trainees can implement immediately, ensuring they contribute to their organizations’ cybersecurity defenses from the outset with 2 hours for Theory and 1 hour for testing a Quick Win.

You will articulate the intricacies of ransomware, illuminate the importance of maintaining data integrity, and highlight the nuances of secure coding practices if needed.

As you facilitate these sessions, make them interactive, engaging, and rooted in real-world applications, you will have a better understanding their IT system, processus, infrastructure… and your advice will become the new controls they will deploy.

By the end of this program, you’ll have inspired your trainees to think like Acting CISOs, ready to identify critical risks and apply strategic Quick Wins for robust cybersecurity when they complete your course and pass their certification.

Prepare them not just to pass an exam but to excel in their roles, making strategic decisions and implementations that fortify their organization’s defense.

Your teachings today lay the foundation for a secure tomorrow. Let’s make every session count!