Horizon Europe Programme – 2021-2027

ECSO abbreviation for European Cyber Security Organization is a non-profit organisation established in June 2016 to develop the European Cyber Security ecosystem which supports the protection of the European Digital single market and contributes to the advancement of European digital control and strategic autonomy.

Through the Horizon Europe programme expected outcomes are for increased cybersecurity with a more secure online environment  Cybersecurity is very important for the Digital transformation of the Digital single market, the purpose is to protect European citizens, enterprises infrastructure and institutions against cyber-risks and develop competitiveness of the cybersecurity sector.

The growing political awareness about the societal and economic consequences of digitalisation has provided the ground for defining and structuring a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. 

Measuring cyber security is essential to compare and access different systems and devices and to find mitigations against the failures encountered.

Cybersecurity is now recognized as an essential enabling factor for the development and exploitation of digital technologies, and innovation in cybersecurity and is inextricably linked to future prospects for growth, job creation and Europe’s responses to environmental and societal goals.

ECSO has identified four main strategic areas for the investment in developing a comprehensive cybersecurity R&I strategy in Europe to increase digital autonomy and respond to the needs of industrial sectors while protecting European fundamental rights. These investments could be supported by the Horizon Europe Programme from 2021 to 2027.

The first pillar of the proposed R&I strategy focuses on creating a sustainable ecosystem in Europe, fostering a cybersecurity culture and best practices and developing the skills to cope with a fast-changing digital society. The second pillar focuses on the digitisation of vertical sectors and the need for resilient infrastructure.

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