Description: Foreword | Presentation | Round Table | Boot Camp Planning | Personal Privacy vs Work Privacy | Introduction to cybersecurity  

Quick Wins – Acting CISO Exam

Exercise:  Find and fix security issues in Juice Shop source code and known vulnerabilities in their open source dependencies Duration: 1 hour Context:Modern SAST, DAST, SCA are part of the development process, enabling developers to build software securely during development, not trying to find and fix problems after the code is compiled. They can also work in … Read more

Open Ports

What is a computer port? A port in computing has three main uses, each as a type of receptacle in networking, computer hardware and software: What is a computer network port? A port in computer networking is how a computer can use a single physical network connection to handle many incoming and outgoing requests by … Read more

Google Dorking

Google Dorks Simplified A simple explanation of google dorks, its uses and collection of best google dorks to get the best and desired information. Authors Documentation 1. What are Google Dorks 2. How Google Dorks works 3. Why we need Google Dorks 4. What can we find from Google Dorks 5. How to use Google … Read more