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The proposed Beta test program for the pentester training is a concise, 10-hour curriculum designed to provide a foundational overview of key pentesting skills and concepts. It’s structured into five 2-hour sessions, each focusing on a specific aspect of pentesting.

  1. Introduction and Basic Reconnaissance: This session introduces pentesting and covers basic techniques for information gathering using Google hacking and web reconnaissance.
  2. Network Scanning and Enumeration: Participants will learn about network scanning and enumeration, employing tools for identifying open ports and basic IP address scanning.
  3. Vulnerability Analysis: This session focuses on identifying and analyzing vulnerabilities, introducing common network protocols, and providing an overview of the Cyber Kill Chain Model and the MITRE Matrix.
  4. Basic Exploitation Techniques: Participants will be introduced to fundamental exploitation techniques, including a demonstration of simple vulnerability exploitation like SQL Injection and an overview of backdoor payloads.
  5. Reporting and Communication: The final session emphasizes the importance of reporting in pentesting, covering the basics of writing a penetration test report and discussing the significance of clear communication and professional reporting.

This Beta program is designed to be both engaging and informative, providing a well-rounded introduction to pentesting within a brief timeframe. It’s ideal for those looking to gain a quick understanding of the field or for organizations seeking to evaluate the full training program.

Career Path Content

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Gather comprehensive information about targets running various operating systems and services, employing basic reconnaissance tactics - 2h
Enumerate targets running diverse operating systems and services, focusing on practical applications and methodologies - 2h
Analyze Networks and Systems configurations and vulnerabilities - 2h
Conduct Comprehensive Vulnerability Analysis
Exploit vulnerabilities on a weakness internet-facing host or system and get an access - 2h
Summarize and report the results of penetration tests professionally - 2h