Cyber Security Operations Center vs AI state of the Art in cyber by Jurgen Visser.

Cyber Security Operations are like for shield of a company. They use plan for doing things, and tools to keep hackers away from important information and systems. It’s like having a guard to stop the problems. It tells about data is private. Now-a-days everything is connected through computers. Cyber Security Operations are protectors which protect … Read more

Infographic by Fayez Alhafi – SIEM components and capabilities.

In the Modern digital era of the world, cybersecurity has become a critical concern for organisations of all sizes. Event management and security Information and systems play a crucial role in assisting detect and responding to security incidents in organisations.  Understanding the components of infographics and SIEM systems is essential for cybersecurity professionals to effectively … Read more

Google Dorks 2021 by SANS Institute

SANS Institute has published a detailed tutorial on Google Dorks – a specific search method used by cybersecurity experts to obtain sensitive information from the web. Google Dorks are more complex Google search queries that utilise Google’s search abilities to find particular elements such as uncovered databases containing vulnerabilities and exposed sensitive documents. This is … Read more

EVENT LOG ANALYSIS for SOC Analysts by LetsDefend

During an investigation, Event Logs are tracked because they have a comprehensive form of activities. The “EventViewer” tool can be used to simply examine the logs. ✔ INTRODUCTION TO EVENT LOG ✔ ANALYSIS SUCCESSFUL LOGON EVENTS ✔ DETECTING BRUTE FORCE ✔ DETECT PERSISTENCE FROM EVENT LOGS